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Somfy Animeo® IB+ Touch Building Controller 4 Zone

Somfy Animeo® IB+ Touch Building Controller 4 Zone

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The intuitive control interface for small to medium size buildings



  • Designed for solar shading and window automation to control up to four or up to eight individual façade orientations of a building.
  • Applicable to multiple building segments such as public, commercial, healthcare, and education, for any interior or exterior application.
  • Configuration, monitoring, and maintenance are realized through a menu-guided, intuitive 7-inch user touch screen to optimize building performance.
  • Compatible with all animeo IB+ Motor Controllers and the new 2 wire IB+ bus technology.

Installation Advantages

  • Practical and innovative clip-on mechanism for integration into any type of wall environment.
  • Suitable for flush-mounting and surface-mounting.
  • Plug connectors for failure-proof connections.
  • Direct connection of sensors/weather station for receiving weather data.
  • Standard RJ45 connectors for IP network and remote access.

Functional Advantages

  • Takes weather conditions and occupant behavior into account to optimize management of solar shadings for comfort and energy saving. 
  • Simple assignment of shades to a façade orientation, adaption at any time without changing the wiring.
  • Several 4 Zone or 8 Zone TouchBuco can be connected to one weather station.
  • Offers a wide range of functions and parameters designed for different types of applications (Venetian blinds, screens, roller shutters, windows), building types, and user needs.
  • Instead of one fixed position, several different positions can be actuated per day for each façade to account for sun position.
  • Supports a power supply input range of 100-230V AC / 50/60 Hz.

Technical Specs

  • Protection supply: IP 20
  • Power Supply: AC - RGE 8 - 90-240V/50-60HZ
  • Color/Finish: Black
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