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LION Celtic Unidi. AC Electronic Limits Motor 35mm | 6Nm | 33rpm | 110AC

LION Celtic Unidi. AC Electronic Limits Motor 35mm | 6Nm | 33rpm | 110AC

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  • AC Line voltage motor continuously powered that provides the ideal solution for renovations or new building projects. 
  • Electronic limit motor allows a simple programming setup through the remote control. 
  • Index Protection IP44 suitable for interior and exterior applications. It is water resistant, but not waterproof. 
  • Weight capacity of up to 38 lb using the motor block installation system. A complete snap-in system (no tools required) that minimize the light gap. 
  • Aesthetic, slim, and functional motor head design with LED status indicator. 
  • Excellent acoustic performance (37 dB) and operation. 
  • Favorite position limit, continue or jog mode can be preset. 
  • A variety of control solutions are available including handheld, wall switch and compatibility with leading brands of automation systems, and voice control assistant.

Compatible Accessories:

Point Remote 2 Channels Unidirectional

Point Remote 6 Channels Unidirectional

Point Remote 16 Channels Unidirectional

Chic Remote 2 Channels Bidirectional

Chic Remote 6 Channels Bidirectional

Escalate Remote 6 Channels Timer + Display Bidirectional

Escalate Remote 16 Channels Display Bidirectional



HomeMate+ App

Transformer USB Cable (157 in)

Solar Panel

USB Extension (7in)

Motor Block Systems Adapter 6-700-BR-SQ002

Hook Mount Systems Adapter 6-700-BR-4SLAM

Exterior Systems Adapter 6-700-BR-SQ001

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