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Just Motor Shades

LION Bidirectional Battery Motor 25mm | 1Nm | 30rpm

LION Bidirectional Battery Motor 25mm | 1Nm | 30rpm

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  • Wirefree motor that do not require electrical installation. Powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery that last more than half a year under normal operation. 
  • Battery-check function allows get information about motor battery level when paired with display remotes or through automation systems. •
  • 433 MHz Bi-Directional RF Communication allows control the position of the shades and keep them track anytime.
  • Aesthetic, slim, and functional motor head design with LED status indicator and cutting-edge 5 V USB-C power plug technology. 
  • Excellent acoustic performance that warranties an ultra-quiet operation of only 35dB.
  • Simple electronic limits adjustment and favorite position limit can be preset. • Recommended for Roller and Neolux dual shades up to 17Lb. 
  • Up to 3 adjustable speed options and soft start and stop functions. 
  • Compatible with small tap hardware systems. A complete snap-in system (no tools required) that minimizes the light gap. 
  • Retrofit capabilities to upgrade existing manual shades while keeping the same deductions and brackets. 
  • A variety of control solutions are available including handheld, wall switch and compatibility with leading brands of automation systems, and voice control assistant.
  • Technical catalogs, programming instructions manuals, programming videos, and technical support are available.



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